“This third and final Stone siblings story presents the tale of two people with much loss in their lives and the disparate ways they handle it.”
Romantic Times Magazine

ISBN# 978-0-373-87636-5

Texas cop Heath Stone knows what it’s like to have no home or family. Once a foster-care kid, Heath now appreciates those who help others.  Like Olivia Wyatt, the lovely young woman who opened a homeless shelter in a tough part of town.  But Olivia’s hard work is in danger when Table of Hope is suspected of being a drug front.  Heath goes undercover to keep a close eye on the shelter – and Olivia.  What he finds is a woman of faith, a woman who feels like family… the family he’s always dreamed of.

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"This heartwarming story shines the spotlight on how people struggle to deal with the curveballs life throws them by trusting in God. "
Romantic Times Magazine

ISBN #978-0-373-87592-4

The members of West Texas Rescue don’t refer to Dr. Alison Stone as “The Rock” for nothing. As a volunteer, she is the anchor of their helicopter long line team. As a psychotherapist, she stands in the gap for abused and abandoned kids. She’s risen out of the ashes more times than anyone knows, but now that Ali’s heart is in need of rescue will anyone be there for her?

A struggle smolders in the spirit of Dallas Cowboys legend, Benjamin Lamar. He earned his success as an all star linebacker through years of physically punishing work. He overcame the tragedy of his wife’s accidental death, and now he’s committed to building a full life for his autistic son, Ethan. But doesn’t Ben deserve to think of himself for a change? Hasn’t he earned the right to dream?

When Ali’s team rescues Ethan from Big Bend National Park it starts a chain reaction nobody could have predicted. Ali knows how badly Ben needs her for Ethan’s sake. But rumors about the two of them may destroy Ben’s chance to become a Texas Congressman. Can these two take-charge individuals possibly let go and let God work out His plan for their lives?

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“Nunn’s wonderful story demonstrates the many types of courage, and that there’s no time limit on God’s answers to prayers.” 
Romantic Times Magazine

ISBN # 0-373-87551-1

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Erin Gray has photographed monarchs, mass murderers and military icons but she’s never taken a snapshot of her only child.  Erin’s been sent home from imbedded duty in Iraq to recover from a near fatal grenade attack. Will the Texas lawman who raised their daughter allow Erin the opportunity to recapture the lost years?  And can Erin forgive herself for the reason she willingly abandoned the only husband and child she will ever know?

ACFW Carol Award Winner

Texas Ranger Daniel Stabler has carefully constructed life around his most important duty; being a single father.  Though he’s had no communication from his estranged wife since the day she signed over full custody of their infant, Daniel has followed Erin’s illustrious career from a distance.  His daughter Dana’s mounting identity crises has become a greater fear than allowing the only person who can take his child away from him into their home. Erin Gray is also the only person who can break his heart.  Again.

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“Casey Hardy and Barrett Westbrook have much to prove to their families as they work together on a critical project.  Lone Star Courtship is a quick read.”
Romantic Times Magazine

ISBN # 0-373-81359-9

Workaholic Casey Hardy has been fighting for her share of attention all of her life. The youngest of six kids, she comes from the Hearth and Home dynasty, a family respected for their Christian values and self-made wealth.  

Casey is overseeing construction of the new H&H store in Galveston, Texas. But she has even bigger plans to wow the corporation by negotiating a deal with a UK investor. Casey is certain her future as CEO when her father retires is within her grasp as long as she can guarantee the international partnership.

London resident Barrett Westbrook III is unfulfilled in his position as the ninth generation of barristers to serve the prestigious family practice of Westbrook Partners, Esquire. In a last ditch effort to help his son find his fit within their very diverse firm, Barrett is sent (much against his will) by his father to the Wild West of the New World… Texas! Barrett is tasked with probing a client's intention to invest heavily in some home improvement venture. The staid and stuffy Englishman wants nothing more than to make fast work of the tedious assignment and return to his beloved home. But Barrett is about to discover he's destined to become Casey's knight in shining armor!

Lone Star Courtship is the final installment in the Texas Treasures series.

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“A charming read, one to enjoy with a warm cup of coffee.” Romantic Times Magazine

Mom in the Middle is part three in the Texas Treasures series.

ISBN # 0-373-81311-3 (also available in Larger Print version!)

Guy Hardy is blessed to be a blessing… to women! With five sisters, the only male heir to the Hearth and Home Superstore dynasty has never lacked for attention. And his natural propensity to help ladies in a tight spot makes him the darling of every female in his life. What guy in his right mind would trade all that for a relationship with one woman? Certainly not this one!

Young widow Abby Cramer had fallen out of God's favor. Why else would He make her busy from sun up to sundown, caring for elderly and disabled parents when her focus should be on her very active toddler son? And then there's this guy with a savior complex who's so intent on helping her out. Could he be her answer to prayer or is he just protecting his family fortune?

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"Amazing Love is a sweet romance from Mae Nunn that speaks frankly about forgiveness of past mistakes."
Romantic Times Magazine

Amazing Love ... part two in the Texas Treasures series.

ISBN # 0-373-87350-6

Claire Savage learned a hard lesson the day her father left to pursue his selfish dreams. Trust no one. Now the owner of a custom chopper business, she felt in control. She had no time for distractions, least of all standoffish newcomer Luke Dawson.

But his offer to record Abundant Harvest's youth praise band for next to nothing made him a man she needed to keep an eye on. Claire never expected Luke's noble spirit to soothe her, yet could even his gentle touch curb her mistrust when his past resurfaced to threaten them both? Will God's grace be sufficient to free the former beauty queen and the recluse rock star from the scars on their lives and hearts?

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“Sam is the type of godly rogue hero that will have readers swooning.”
Romantic Times Magazine

ISBN # 0-373-87303-4

It had to be a mistake. Tara Elliott’s grandmother had bequeathed the family office building to Tara—jointly? Her partner was Sam Kennesaw, the abrasive but still-handsome man who’d broken Tara’s tender teenage heart nine years before.

The will stated they needed to make business decisions together. At first the two couldn’t agree on anything, but as the building’s opening day drew near, the caring, generous man who’d stolen Tara’s heart began to emerge. But Tara still couldn’t believe she’d thought God meant for them to be together. It would take divine help to get them past a decade of pent-up bitterness... and into each other’s arms.

Sealed With A Kiss is the first installment in the Texas Treasures series.

Over 100,000 copies sold! Thank you for your support!


These gems from the Lone Star State
are strong of heart and strong of faith.

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“Mae Nunn delights readers with a spunky, unconventional heroine and a hero to die for in Hearts In Bloom.”
Romantic Times Magazine

ISBN 0-373-87264-X

When injury ended her dance career, Jessica Holliday became a landscape designer. A society wedding offered her the chance to make a name for herself, and she vowed to get the job done without help from anyone— especially handsome newcomer Captain Andrew Keegan.

His neighbor might be beautiful even up to her elbows in dirt, but Drew Keegan had to keep God's plan in sight—marriage to the socialite of his father's choosing would enable him to help those who needed it most. But when Jessica's designs were jeopardized, Drew began to see his goal - and Jessica - in a new light....

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