Writing is a solitary profession. You sit alone in front of the computer for hours on end with only the tapping of your fingers on the keys to break the silence. Occasionally you take a breather to edit your work or critique a partner's chapters. At least that's the way it is for me. I need complete quiet and lots of coffee to be productive. (Most of the writers I know would add chocolate to that list of requirements!)

So when writers get a chance to attend meetings, conferences and book signings they take full advantage of the camaraderie, the networking and the photo ops. I'm no different. I'm inspired by spending time with my author friends and having close encounters with New York Times best selling authors who give up their precious free time to teach, motivate and encourage those of us who aspire to their accomplishments.

Here are some snapshots that I plucked off my bulletin board. I hope you enjoy them.

My Crazy Texas Family


My “Civilized” Georgia Family


Mae at Stonehenge

Mae in Amsterdam

Christian author Jill Nutter
and Mae at the Georgia Aquarium
Airborne girls Atlanta reunion

Michael and the ladies of the Cooper reunion in Field’s, Louisiana

Michael at the Alamo

Sisters Gail and Pam pay a visit to Georgia

Steeple Hill Senior Editor,
Melissa Endlich and Mae
Mae and special friend New York Times best selling author Stella Cameron


Love Inspired authors in Atlanta

Renne, Gail, Pam, Mae, and their Daddy

Mae and Maegan

The Texas Ranger and his Lone Rangerette


Holiday family reunion signing in Lovelady, Texas




This is the '67 Cobra featured in Hearts in Bloom.
Go to www.MetroMusclecars.com for more info on this classic Mustang.